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Health and Lifestyle Coaching so you can enhance your health and well-being to expand wholeness!


As an employer would you like:

  • To see your employees more engaged with your company?
  • For your employees to spend less time out sick?
  • For your employees to have an abundance of energy?
  • To decrease expenditures on healthcare?
  • To see your employees motivating each other in their health and wellness?

As an employee, would you like:

  • To have the enthusiasm for your work and be able to manage stress?
  • To rarely if ever need sick days?
  • For you to have endless energy that gets you through work and your entire day?
  • For your company to have the funds to pay you more?
  • To be able to make healthy decisions and follow through?

So many of us suffer from acute and chronic illness; and a lack of energy these days. These symptoms can stem from poor nutrition, lack of proper knowledge of health and wellbeing. Nspire Healthy Living coaching helps educate companies and their employees about natural health and wellness that will enhance their lives, increase performance, look and feel better, control weight, and eliminate stress in the workplace.

Nspire Healthy Living was created by Mavis Kelley from her passion to spread her knowledge of natural health and wellness through wellness and lifestyle coaching.

Her mission is simple: To help clients overcome the frustration and confusion of living a complete, healthy life. They consciously choose to be healthier, make the necessary changes, and create their desired lifestyle. To educate and motivate them to move forward towards a more holistic and balanced approach. By doing so, they decrease their illness, the high cost of healthcare, become happier and healthy employees; while at the same time increase motivation and energy levels; along with their overall health.

"I will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that will best support you through effective lifestyle coaching. I will also help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that will enable you to reach your current and future health and wellness goals." Mavis Kelley

Mavis specializes in natural health and wellness through her integrative approach and nutrition. Her focus is on corporate health issues, improved doctor-patient care, and individual health & lifestyle coaching.

Please take a moment to look through the site. There is extensive information here regarding the services she offers. In addition, there is also the health lounge which is filled with information on nutrition, active lifestyle choices, stress/mental health and healthy recipes.

For more information on how Mavis can help you realize you goals, please contact her today.


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