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The importance of corporate employee health.


The impact of illness in a corporation is significant. Not only does it impact the cost of health insurance, but is also costs the company in time when the employee is out. Lack of productivity, and low morale are also affected by unhealthy employees.

This costs add up quickly and are ever occurring in a typical workplace.

Mavis has worked in the legal field for over 18 years. During that time, Mavis worked extensively with personal injury and workers' compensation cases on both sides of the law. This experience has shown Mavis the importance of healthy living and how it affects corporate costs due to the amount of time employees are absent from work.

Nspire Healthy Living is devoted to changing this in the work place. By providing seminars and lunch-in-learns, Nspire can affect the management and help to strategize on how to help their employees be the healthiest and most productive they can be.

Nspire Healthy Living also provides workshops and one-on-one coaching for employees that need extra encouragement.

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