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Working out at home.

Too busy? Stuck with the kids? Don't have the funds?

There are countless workout dvd's that use everyday household items without having to invest in expensive equipment.

Yoga is great at home. Are your floors carpeted? Then you don't even need a mat.

Cardio? One of the most effective forms of cardio is what we used to do all day long as kids- jump rope. Twenty minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 40 minutes on any machine.

Stationary cycles do not take up much room, are light weight, and can be plopped right in front of the tube.

It's not necessary to have tons of pricey equipment to weight train either. Simple dumbbells and a bungee cord work great for many exercises along with a door-jam, pull-up bar.

Push-ups require a floor....
Jogging in place - same thing....
Crunches - easy breezy...
how about dancing?

The downside of working out at home can be motivation but some benefits are being able to workout on your own schedule, in privacy, and for some of us, have a few moments to ourselves in an otherwise people-filled and hectic day.

Try it, Goggle it.


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