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Help during Cancer treatment.

LAUGH A LOT! Focus on what brings you joy and an inspiring
book, watch 'I Love Lucy' re-runs, or listen to your favorite comedian.
Stay away from depressing movies and TV shows and limit your exposure to
drama and stress. This is a healing time, and it is important to create an
environment that is saturated with healthy, happy, and uplifting stimuli.
It may be necessary to have a conversation with work colleagues and family
members requesting support in creating a "Healing Zone". Don't be afraid
to ask for help. A little less TV and a little more fun and laughter will
do everyone some good.

Get outside. Go for walks, sit in a park, enjoy Mother Nature's amazing
power to heal the soul. Heal the soul, heal the body.

Eat only the best. Buy organic as much as possible to avoid taxing the
body with the job of excreting harmful pesticides and preservatives. The
body needs all of it's energy to heal so keep the food simple and
non-processed. Go heavy on the greens and produce with a focus on lots of
the dark greens, blues, and purples. Eat easily digestible proteins such
as eggs and fish.

Support the body with supplements. The body needs all the help it can get
during cancer treatment. Look for organic, wholefood supplements and be
liberal with them.

Get lots of quality sleep. Healing takes place when the body is at rest.
So, rest often and well.

Get Exercise. Exercise releases endorphins, and is a great mood-enhancer.
Simply moving your body can create a change of mind and attitude. Exercise
also plays a pivotal role in ridding the body of toxins and aiding in the
healing process.

Use the power of the mind. Meditate and visualize the body healing. Clear
the mind of negative thoughts and focus on the outcome you want to
achieve. As above, so below...

Be your own advocate or designate one. Make sure you are comfortable with
your doctors and confident in their abilities and bedside manner.
Designate a family member or friend to help you monitor your treatment.

Meditation from

Position yourself in whatever posture you have found most conducive to
concentration. Think about each of the procedures that you will be going
through in as great detail as you can. Visualize them relative to the
maximum benefit they will bring you.

In your mind's eye, see the surgical procedure removing 100% of the
cancerous tissue. See healthy cells growing and repairing the area. See
yourself whole and healthy.

Visualize radiation passing through your body, frying any cancerous or
precancerous cells. See new healthy cells evolve and multiply. See
yourself whole and healthy.

See chemotherapy molecules traveling through your bloodstream attacking
and killing all the aberrant cells. See healthy cells swarming to the
affected area and bringing healing. See yourself whole and healthy.

As well as visualizing the physical healing processes, feel your self-love
and deep inner desire for good health fill and heal you emotionally and
mentally. This effort will stimulate and allow your immune system to do
its job unimpeded by the damage that unchecked negativity brings.

Most of all, know your Self to be the unchangeable, eternal universal
divine consciousness that is transcendent of your body, mind, and
emotions, and live happily ever after.


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