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Let's get down to brass tacks...this IS controllable and you can do it!
The first step is facing it. You ate your way into this and you can eat
your way out, too.

Get help. Get your doctor onboard with your weight loss plans. Join a
support group or hire a pro that can help you come up with a plan and
stick to it.

Lean on your family. This is a tough obstacle to overcome and it can be
done. Use the power of your family during this time.

Give up the 'fad' diets. You've probably tried numerous diets and weight
loss gimmicks and figured out by now that simply dieting for a few weeks
will not produce the results that you are looking for. Long term weight
loss takes a shift in lifestyle, not just temporary eating habits.

It's not about self-denial or sacrifice. Make the transition to a healthy
lifestyle slowly and with grace and ease. Crowd out the unhealthy choices
by adding in what you do want to include, leaving no space for what
doesn't work for you. As you add in more greens, whole grains, and lean
protein, you will find your desire for refined and fatty foods

Drink LOTS AND LOTS of water.

Get plenty of exercise. Don't take on too much too quickly, but be willing
to challenge yourself and get your body moving. Doing a little bit each
day will make all the difference.

Be aware of your mental health. Sleep well and meditate. Many of our food
triggers are emotional, so be aware of your feelings and be willing to let
them go.

And remember- YOU CAN DO THIS.


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