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Everyone is unique

Yup, here we go again with that speech. And it is absolutely true. When taking responsibility for our own lives it is important to be honest about what works for us as individuals. It's all well and good that five days a week at the gym works for your best friend, and your sister loves yoga and bike riding, and your uncle swears by aikido. The most important thing when choosing your exercise and lifestyle habits is being cognizant of what works for YOU.

You may not be a person who thrives in a gym with a repetitive workout routine. And, you may be. Certain people like and need the steadiness of a consistent routine. It can be emotionally grounding as well as provide consistent exercise.

However, many people need large challenges and constant new stimulus to stay engaged. These people function better when they treat their active lives more like projects rather than a life long commitment to a single form of exercise. They need new experiences every six months or so to keep challenged and interested.

Physical activity is often the only time that people set aside solely for themselves. Some people use this time for active meditation and may find the activity and noise at a gym distracting. These people benefit from outdoor oriented activities where they can focus solely on themselves and what they are doing. Finding out what works for each of us as individuals is vital if we want to reach our fitness goals.

Others thrive on the interaction of others. Getting a partner can help inspire these people and keep them engaged in their activities.

So, I invite you to take stock of who you are and what your needs are in your life right now. Taking this crucial step can lead you to the path that will keep you engaged with your body and your mind.


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