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Goal Realization.

What is the difference between dreaming and doing? It's all in the doing.

Dream! Dream big! Then, it is time to set it to task.

The dream...

What are its parameters? Size, materials needed, time needed, cost. How
can it be edited? Smaller or different size, less or different materials,
less time, and cost modification.

What do all of these have in common? The next step id research. In today's
world of the World Wide Web, the resources are endless. Do you need more
education? A mentor? A friend, coworker, or partner to bounce ideas off

Once all of this is done, you could have some overwhelming information,
but you have it. Now it's time to figure out the plan. How long will it
take to procure and implement all of this? What are the priorities?

Now set this into a calendar of tasks to complete. It may be short, it may
be long: but if you stick to it, it will get done. Task managers can also
help. There are many apps for smart devices that can help with this.

When it comes to long-term goals, time can be the enemy. Not to the goal
but to you. The slow periods can test your patience, wear you down and
make you feel like you aren't going nowhere. This is where the calendar
can help. Realizing that you are moving ahead slowly but surely helps keep
you focused and on target.

Another thing is getting in too deep too fast. If it is a long-term or a
complicated goal, take it in small chunks. As you mark off all the little
steps- DO NOT DELETE THEM FROM YOU TASK LIST! You will need this later
when things aren't going so smoothly. Being able to review all the tasks
you have successfully completed is a powerful motivator for you.

Whether working out, eating better, starting a new career, or saving to
invest in something special, these tips can help you turn your dreams into


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