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Meditation and Prayer

Meditation: The inward

Meditation is the practice of focusing so intently that we become one with
the object of our focus. This practice calms the mind, helps stabilize our
emotions, and helps strengthen our ability to observe our mind without
becoming entangled in our thoughts. Meditation can be passive or active.
Passive meditation is often done sitting in stillness and simply focusing
on the breath and observing the thoughts. One can also use an object or a
mantra to focus ones thoughts. Active meditation occurs when one becomes
so engaged in an activity that they reach a state of 'being' as opposed to
thinking or doing. An example of active meditation would be yoga or
reaching 'the zone' in a sporting activity.

Prayer: the Outward

Prayer is a conversation with God, or the Universal Energy. Prayer links
us to the creator and is an outlet for our own creative energy. By
infusing our prayers with the feeling that we want to achieve in our
lives, we influence the matrix of energy that surrounds us and create the
environment in which what we desire will be manifested. This is communion
with our god-selves on a deep and personal level. Prayer can give us
hope, clarity, and direction. When practiced regularly it can empower us
to take charge of our lives and move forward in a positive direction.

For mor information on meditation techniques, Google it.

For prayer techniques, Google it.


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