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Wellness Coaching

Nspire Healthy Living LLC offers transformational wellness programs that are:

90 day program, 4 month program, month-to-month, 1 day intensive and 3 day intensive programs in length held virtually through an online platform. Programs are surrounding transformation and upleveling your health, personal development, nutrition education, weight management, lifestyle design, physical fitness, whole food based nutrition and supplementation.


-Women’s Organizations
-Corporate Wellness
-Public and Private Sector
-Online Educational Teleseminars
-Costa Rica Retreats

What is Your Wellness Room?

Is an online portal with over 600 online wellness programs based on the four pillars of health:  eat well, move well, sleep well and feel well.  You’ll have the option of taking advantage of the 7 day “free” trial with each program.    If you continue after the trial, the cost is only $9.99 per month! 

90 Day Programs - Our experts have developed these day-by-day programs based on your unique Health & Fitness Profile answers. 90 days is considered an appropriate amount of time for you to see meaningful changes in your health and/or fitness condition. These programs have built-in progression and variety, and come with a recommended three month calendar. Our 90 Day Programs are perfect if you want to remove all the “guesswork” as to how much to exercise, when to rest and what to do to achieve your goals.

6 Packs - These programs have been assembled based on specific goals, interests or activities. Each program includes a collection of six workouts. If you have a clear sense of what you want to do and when to do it, our 6 Packs are a good fit.

Daily Workouts - This gives you complete access to our 400+ exercise inventory, with a “search” tool that will allow you view what’s available by Goal, Intensity, Duration or Activity. If you want to grab one or more individual workouts that meet your short or long-term needs, this is the place to go. Using our calendar, you can select the days you want to do each individual workout. There classes are 10 days, 30 days and 35 days in length for your learning and transformational needs. 

Expert Videos Available

The Your Wellness Room library contains hundreds of support videos on subjects ranging from eating/weight loss to sleep support to stress reduction to disease management. It is accessed by clicking the "Expert Library" to the right of the community on your home page. Specific Expert Videos are also associated with relevant programs. To see the articles and videos tied to specific programs, click the information icon on the bottom left corner of any program in your Toolkit.

Your Top Recommendation

Based on your unique Profile answers, Your Wellness Room makes personalized recommendations just for you in each of the 4 Pillars of Health - Eat Well, Move Well, Sleep Well and Feel Well. In some cases, your Profile answers lead to more than one recommendation in a Pillar. Since you can't do everything at once, our health experts have created a system to prioritize what makes the most impact on your health. That is reflected in our Top Recommendation.



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